In a changing world

By the time you master your business and operational intelligence:
– the rules have changed
– data sources are exploding

New data sources, such as mobile and social data, are growing exponentially.
Many end users now expect real-time or on-demand access to data.

Your agility to adapt

The flexible agility to adapt to new data sources is a prerequisite for effective intelligence
The flexible ability to act on new insights is key to survival
– especially in real-time – or near real-time

Without this, the law of diminishing returns raises its head
and along with it, the danger of disappearing or losing your position.

Is the key to your survival

Ritc is a platform for flexible real-time service-based automation.
Use rules to easily integrate web services and automate your processes and workflows.
Access multiple data sources for better decision-making.
Manage change gracefully, without breaking your applications.

And all this without writing code!

A framework for building rules, applications, and process automation without writing code

Use your voice, the visual editor, and/or the Ritc API to build applications and automate processes based on rules. Ritc enables this with building blocks – you don’t spend your time writing code!

Because Ritc is based on rules, unlike code, it is easier to adapt to change.

Ritc rules can be built by non-programmers and programmers alike – using the Visual Rule Editor – or your voice. Ritc applications can be built much faster than with conventional code.


Rules In The Cloud – The Original Vision

Enjoy this video describing the original Ritc vision. Ritc is evolving to provide new features for intelligent interaction. Watch this space!