A Microservices Integration Platform

Ritc provides a platform in which you can integrate public and private microservices – through REST APIs – to compose Saas applications and services.

The adoption of REST APIs as a ‘standard’ has accelerated growth of platforms that – like Ritc – enable easier development of composable applications. Ritc’s strength is that, in addition to providing an extensible API capability, it allows you to express business logic – through rules – that is deeply rooted within its platform. As a result, you, a Ritc user, benefit from a powerful combination:

  • extensibility by access to REST APIs anywhere
  • flexibility and composability through its rule architecture
  • performance based on its nodejs implementation

Ritc speeds up the process by which you access your swagger-generated – and third-party APIs. With this new focus, IT projects immediately seem less complex and more impactful. Consider how this can benefit your:

  • Mobile application development
  • Customer integrations
  • Supplier integrations
  • Partner integrations
  • Internal development
  • more…

The Visual Rule Editor provides a layer on top of the Ritc API that enables developers and non-developers alike to create rules in minutes. Not only does this substantially reduce the risk in your IT projects, but it empowers domain experts – the people who understand the requirements before the developers do.

Rules contain triggers and actions, and allow you to express business logic without writing code. Triggers and actions are the means whereby microservice APIs are accessed, while rules, which are grouped within ‘apps’, are the building blocks of Ritc. Rules can be added or removed without breaking implementation, and the containment hierarchy of apps and rules enables quick and flexible composition of applications.

Ritc provides a number of deployment options:

  • in the cloud
  • on microcontrollers
  • anything in-between

And depending on your deployment options, Ritc can be configured to be dynamically scalable, so that you only use resources when they are needed.

Please contact us to discuss how Ritc can help you.