Why Ritc

Ritc (Rules in the Cloud) is a ‘Rule Engine as a Service’ that intelligently integrates Saas and IoT resources and services via REST APIs anywhere, enabling new kinds of applications that can transform your business or organization.

Why consider Ritc?

Because Ritc provides something that other platforms don’t – a way to express business logic – through rules, that is deeply rooted within the platform. Rules have a flexibilty that hard-coded logic doesn’t – a factor becoming more significant as the pace of change increases.

Ritc is a full-featured rule engine built on a framework for cloud- and microcontroller-based services and applications that enables access to any defined REST API, providing a consistent endpoint through its own REST API.

It features a Visual Rule Editor that runs in the browser, accessible from laptop, mobile, and tablet. Within minutes, developers and non-developers alike can build production-ready applications, integrating public and private microservices without writing code! This is especially easy if you have swagger files that define your APIs.

Ritc provides a flexible rule architecture, in which

  • Rules are grouped within apps
  • Rules and apps can be related in hierarchies

This facilitates composable applications in which microservices can easily be added or removed without breaking implementations, allowing you to create new and innovative applications, and manage complexity like never before.

Ritc represents a disruptive force that overcomes challenges like:

  • the brittle nature of hard-coded logic – in ever-changing scenarios
  • the need to connect quickly and smoothly with internal and third-party APIs, efficiently and with minimal cost
  • the need to take advantage of new opportunities quickly, and to reduce risk

APIs are the building blocks of the new digital economy. Ritc provides a way to compose these blocks efficiently, reliably, and flexibly.

In Summary, with Ritc, you can
  • compose applications without writing code
  • integrate with complementary microservices, for data, content, transactions, and analysis
  • restructure and organize your internal systems to support innovative new projects in a uniform manner
  • expand your reach by providing connectors to existing services
  • enable (non-programmer) domain experts to build applications

Ritc helps you compete in this fast growing API economy. Contact us to discuss your needs.